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Sunday, July 31, 2005


Commentary: Failed Terrorist Bombings as 'Scare' Tactic

From his jail cell in Rome, Ethiopian refugee Osman Hussain, aka Hamdi Issac, claims that the failed terrorist bombings he participated in on 21 July were meant only to ‘scare’ and cause panic. According to him, the bombings were meant to protest the war in Iraq, and the explosive devices used were not powerful enough to kill any one, only to create panic and fright.

Point 1.) A bomb is a bomb is a bomb. If you merely want to frighten people, fireworks or phoned-in bomb threats would suffice. Why would anyone take the time and risk to manufacture explosives that are only meant to cause a scare? No, these devices were intended to kill.

Point 2.) Because some of the materials used in these bombs degraded, they effectively became ‘duds’. This raises an interesting observation: although the 9/11 attacks were spectacular in the sense of the horror, destruction and mayhem they created, we should keep in mind that probably the majority of these terrorist cells are fairly amateurish in their abilities. The reason that 9/11 happened is primarily because it was unexpected, and we “weren’t looking”. But now the whole world is on guard, and these bad actors have much more pressure on them. Hence the failed 21 July London bombings; under pressure of getting caught and not being sent off to their 77 virgins, these “Muslim warriors” (aka Devil’s handmaidens) perhaps cut a few corners. Nobody’s perfect.

So let’s keep the watchful eyes out and the pressure on. These Islamic Devils will be less likely and less capable of pulling off something spectacular when the heat is kept on them.


Saturday, July 30, 2005


Commentary: London Bomb Suspects & Torture

Police hold four 21 July suspects BBC News
"Police believe all four 21 July London bomb suspects are now in custody after armed raids in the capital and Rome."

Now what do we do with these Islamic Devils?

I don't know what restrictions the UK and Italian governments have on the use of torture in the interrogation of terrorists, but hopefully these demon-possessed tools of evil will give up some useful information.

The novel "Memorial Day" by Vince Flynn provides some interesting examples of how to make terrorists talk...


Wednesday, July 27, 2005


News/Photos: Photos of London Bombs

Photos of London Bombs ABC News

This photo looks like it comes straight from the cover of a Nine-Inch Nails album (no pun intended)

And this looks like an 8th grade science experiement. Quite frightening!



Commentary: Japanese Develop 'Female' Android

Japanese develop 'female' android BBC News
"Japanese scientists have unveiled the most human-looking robot yet devised - a "female" android called Repliee Q1."

OK, let's get this straight. It is:
1) Developed by male Japanese scientists
2) 'Female' in appearance
3) Abilities include: Fluttering eyelids and human-like hand movements

Hey, I'm only quoting from the story.

Goodbye Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hello Keiko Ishiguru...


Thursday, July 21, 2005


Commentary: Enough is Enough! This Means War!

Enough is Enough! This Means War!

UK police: Latest bombers failed
"LONDON, England (CNN) -- Two weeks to the day after the July 7 London bombings, attackers tried -- and failed -- to set off explosive devices at three Tube stations and on a double-decker bus."

Enough is enough already.

The good news is that this group of Islamic terrorist-scum failed miserably and left potentially vital clues. The bad news is that these evil forces are very much alive and functioning, with no intentions of ending their homicidal ways.

What will it take to stop the terrorists? One thing is for sure, nice words and kind requests will do nothing to appease them and make them go away.

What will be the response from the so-called "Peaceful Muslims" to today's events? More BS -- sorry, they call it a 'fatwah' -- meaningless, empty words to put themselves "on record" as being opposed to such violence. Yah, right. Let's see some action.

Poverty drives young men to become terrorists? The bombings of two weeks ago showed us that these mad, homicidal maniacs are not just poor young kids from impoverished countries, and that seemingly 'regular guys' can turn sour. I'm confident we will see more confirmation of that fact as the details behind today's events unfold.



Commentary: Saddam Photo Caption Contest

The Saddam Photo Caption Contest

"Now children, settle down and Uncle Saddam will read you a bed-time story. It's a story about a wonderful king and his many beautiful palaces. Then one day the Big, Bad Evil Great Satan came knocking on the castle door.........."


Monday, July 18, 2005


Commentary: What took you so long? "Muslims Condemn London Bombing"

What took you so long?

Muslims Condemn London Bombing
"Muslims worldwide have condemned the terrorist bombings in London that killed more than fifty people."

Is this 'Too Little, Too Late'?

I would expect that a truly sincere denunciation of the acts of their fellow Muslims would come a little sooner after the actual terrorist bombing. Why the delay?

Perhaps the individuals and groups quoted in this article want to be "on-record" as to what their stated opinion is.

But when will we see actions by these so-called mainstream, non-extremist Muslims to put and end to the terrorism and violence that is committed in the name of their Allah, and their religion?

If they truly feel that such terrorist acts are not in accordance with their Muslim faith tradition, why don't they stand up and defend their own religion? Why is it primarily the non-Muslim world that is committing the lives of its young men and women to the goal of the eradication of this evil scourge from the face of the earth?

Muslim leaders, if you truly mean what you say, stand up and take action!


Monday, July 11, 2005





There, I've gotten your attention, and doubtless jumped several thousand spots up in search engine rankings.

Which brings me to my point. Summer-time seems to bring out the best -- or is it the worst -- or perhaps the least in women, at least when it comes to the arena of clothing.

Surely I can understand the desire to be comfortable in 90+ degree weather, but there is such a thing is modesty and decency in dress. It is not necessary to let it all hang out.

I find particularly disturbing the use of scantily-clad women in the media, particularly on TV and in print. I wasn't aware that the NFL drafted a bikini model for this football season, but I was soon set straight by the cover of a Fantasy Football magazine on display at the local grocery store.

The problem goes far beyond the "Janet Jackson Issue". It is a entrenched mentality in popular culture and secular media that sex sells and brings in the money.

I find that the quality of American TV dramas and comedies is at the bottom of a decline into the PURE GARBAGE category. This is primarily because the actors and actresses have no talent in acting, either dramatic or comedic. What usually seems to happen is that a good-looker is cast on a show, in an attempt to draw the male 18-25 year-old demographic over to the timeslot and increase ratings. What else could explain Paris Hilton having her own show? Or Britney Spears? Or Pamela Anderson? Or 10-dozen other faces whose names will never be remembered.

What is the solution? Rigid rules for how women can dress in public, and what can be displayed on TV? I would have to say NO.

Such rules would be an attempt to set up EXTERNAL CONTROLS on the behavior of others, external controls that set the LETTER but not the SPIRIT of the law.

What is the solution? Encouraging the development of INTERNAL CONSTRAINTS is the only way to promote modest dress and behavior without a forceful violation of the free will of others. Developing Internal Constraints is the process of shaping and refining an individual's free will. No amount of external coercion can ever truly teach a person the meaning of right and wrong, modest and immodest.



Google Maps now has world-wide satellite imagery available! Road maps, however, don't seem to be available for many non-USA locations, for those of us hoping to vacation in Kabul, Afganistan or Baghdad, Iraq.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


My condolences go out to all of those who lost friends or family members in today's terrorist bombings in London.

I encourage all British people to courageous and not be intimidated by these acts of war against the UK, and against the Western world.

These terrorists, surely Islamic militants, only prove to the world once again their abject cowardice and pure evil. Only the minions of Satan could commit such spineless and stupid acts. Stupid because the response to this act of war will be an even stronger resolve of the people in the fight and destroy these Islamic terrorists.

The whole world knows that it is an "Us vs. Them" situation. New York. Spain. London. Where next? It doesn't matter where; these conduits of evil will receive what is due to them, both in this life and the next.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

-- Happy Birthday to President George W. Bush --

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"Liberalized" Beer Sales in PA, Part 2

Imagine if it were possible to walk into a 7-11 and purchase a single bottle or can of beer. This is not to difficult, for all one has to do is cross into Ohio or visit any other state with "liberalized" beer-sales laws.

Now imagine that it were possible for a young teenager to purchase a single can or bottle of beer, just as he would a bottle of Coke or a candy bar. No ID Check. No Age Limit. No Questions.

No Way! Not in this country!

Different cultures and different societies have different ways of understanding the world. There are different standards of conduct and acceptable behavior all around the world. And I'm not just talking about the laws governing the sale of alcoholic beverages, but also the mindset and attitudes of the purchasers.

What would seem perfectly deplorable in the USA, e.g. sale of alcohol to minors, is an issue to which no second though is given in other countries. Why? Perhaps these countries don't have any teenage drinking epidemics to be concerned about, and little Johnny really is just purchasing a beer for Dad to enjoy after a long day at work.

The laws we have: are they made in response to certain behaviors to keep those behaviors in check, or are they an expression of some ideal or 'moral code'?

[PA] State Senate OKs Sunday Beer Sales
"The bill would change current law, which limits purchases to two six-packs from a restaurant or tavern. Instead, the state's 1,300 beer distributors would have the option of paying $100 for an annual license and opening between noon and 5 p.m. on Sundays to sell cases."

This was the lead story today on all the local talk shows and news updates. One conservative / "Christian" viewpoint I heard expressed decried the evil of allowing the sale of beer cases on Sunday. What's the difference? Beer cases can already be bought Monday thru Saturday, and even on Sunday in the form of 2 six-packs.

From a open-market capitalist perspective, this new legislation makes sense because it evens levels the playing field by removing a pointless regulation that is unfairly biased against distributors (in favor of restaurant/tavern owners).

If a business wants to honor Sunday as a holy day, then that business should take it upon itself not to be open on Sundays. One notable example is Chick-Fil-A, which is closed on Sundays, even at its mall-locations, where arguably it could do quite a good bit of its business on a Sunday when malls are packed with weekend crowds. Using the force of law to keep businesses closed does nothing to truly honor Sunday as a day of rest. It is merely an imposition of the will of one group onto another group, through the force of law. How is this different from the Mosaic law and its "Pharisitical" followers who crucified Jesus Christ?

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