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Monday, July 11, 2005





There, I've gotten your attention, and doubtless jumped several thousand spots up in search engine rankings.

Which brings me to my point. Summer-time seems to bring out the best -- or is it the worst -- or perhaps the least in women, at least when it comes to the arena of clothing.

Surely I can understand the desire to be comfortable in 90+ degree weather, but there is such a thing is modesty and decency in dress. It is not necessary to let it all hang out.

I find particularly disturbing the use of scantily-clad women in the media, particularly on TV and in print. I wasn't aware that the NFL drafted a bikini model for this football season, but I was soon set straight by the cover of a Fantasy Football magazine on display at the local grocery store.

The problem goes far beyond the "Janet Jackson Issue". It is a entrenched mentality in popular culture and secular media that sex sells and brings in the money.

I find that the quality of American TV dramas and comedies is at the bottom of a decline into the PURE GARBAGE category. This is primarily because the actors and actresses have no talent in acting, either dramatic or comedic. What usually seems to happen is that a good-looker is cast on a show, in an attempt to draw the male 18-25 year-old demographic over to the timeslot and increase ratings. What else could explain Paris Hilton having her own show? Or Britney Spears? Or Pamela Anderson? Or 10-dozen other faces whose names will never be remembered.

What is the solution? Rigid rules for how women can dress in public, and what can be displayed on TV? I would have to say NO.

Such rules would be an attempt to set up EXTERNAL CONTROLS on the behavior of others, external controls that set the LETTER but not the SPIRIT of the law.

What is the solution? Encouraging the development of INTERNAL CONSTRAINTS is the only way to promote modest dress and behavior without a forceful violation of the free will of others. Developing Internal Constraints is the process of shaping and refining an individual's free will. No amount of external coercion can ever truly teach a person the meaning of right and wrong, modest and immodest.


It is a shame, but sex sells, sells, sells !!!
Indeed it does sell. That is one downfall of an open-market economy, where individuals are free to value money (i.e. profits from the 'sales') over morality and individual dignity.
Sex indeed sells but history proven that their is a swinging pendulum of morality in America (liberal to conservative.) We're just at the left most swing. Give it 30 years, and with the uv rays coming through the ozone hole, combined with the collective social embarrasment of the past 50 years, everyone will be well covered. By the way, am I a freak for thinking overalls are sexy?

Not if you live on a farm... :)
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