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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Best of the Web: Nero's Perversity & Female Beautification

The things one can find in the New Listings section of the University of Pennsylvania's Online Books Page can shock, amaze, and disgust. Here is just a tiny sample:

Roman History Lesson of the Day: Nero the Pervert
Title: Dio's Rome, Volume V., Books 61-76 (A.D. 54-211) (Translated in 1906)
Author: Cassius Dio
Excerpt (Source):

Female Beautification: Ooo Ooo That Smell...
Title: Natural Magick (1658)
Author: Giambattista della Porta
Excerpt from: The Ninth Book of Natural Magick, "How to Adorn Women, and Make them Beautiful."

Note: If you think this excerpt is bad, then you should not read the next chapter, Chapter XXIX.

(Originally Posted: 9/25/2006 @ 5:09PM)



Best of the Web: Must-See Videos (September 2006)

Must-See Videos

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Commentary: Structures of Humor & The "Dung" Joke

Arthur: Here's a good one, I heard it in a pub. What's brown, what's brown and sounds like a bell?
Victor: I beg your pardon?
Arthur: What's brown and sounds like a bell? Dung! Ha, ha, ha, that's a good one....

Source: Monty Python's Flying Circus, Visitors from Coventry sketch (Video @ approx. 1:45)

Let's use the Ogden-Richards Symbol-Reference-Referent triangular model as a basis for analyzing the "Dung" joke to understand the structure of humor embedded within it.

"What's brown and sounds like a bell?"

This joke relies on the confusion of properties of Symbols with the properties of Referents:

Brown, of course, is a property of the Referent/existent Dung of the punchline.

The Symbol/word 'Dung' sounds similar to the Symbol/word 'Dong', which is an onomatopoeia for the sound made by the Referent/existent Bell.

So it is that we progress in meaning from Bell > Dong > Dung > Brown, mixing Referential and Symbolic meanings and usage along the way:

It is obvious that such a tortured picking apart of the joke tends to sterilize it and make it seem "not funny". The key point here is, however, that when we "get" the joke, our minds have automatically and unconsciously put together all of these pieces, resulting in the "getting" of the joke and laughing (hopefully) at the verbal incongruities that make up the joke.

(Originally Posted: 8/24/2006 @ 11:40AM)


Monday, September 18, 2006


News/Commentary: Pope Benedict XVI vs. The Muslim Masses

Congratulations to Pope Benedict XVI for his rhetorical excellence that has incited the fury of millions of illiterate, uneducated, 9th-century throwback Muslims around the world, through the agency of the ex-mainstream media. The Pope, through the use of a simple and straightforward quote regarding the incompatibility of the nature of God and the use of violence, has made a highly relevant and insightful point that serves as material that Muslims, along with their ex-mainstream media partners, can twist and distort to further their own demonic objectives.

Let's first look at the relevant portion of what Pope Benedict XVI actually said on 9/12/2006:

Now let's contrast this to the response from a member of the Muslim community:

KEY POINT: As is exemplified in the above response from Salih Kapusuz, the Islamic community knows how to engage in an effective war of words, a.k.a. 'the PR battle', or what I like to call Rhetorical Warfare. What does this mean for anyone who perceives the threat and the danger posed by the Islamic community? We must learn to engage and defeat our enemy on the Rhetorical battlefront! But let's be clear on one point: We must NOT count on the ex-mainstream media to fight this battle. This is the obligation and responsibility of the millions of us who see the truth and who are not willing to stand by while the Islamo-facists cut our throats!

The bottom line is this: At the risk of sounding crude (which is not my intent)Pope Benedict XVI, as a celibate, 79-year-old man, has more cojones than any other major world political and/or religious leader. The pope was not afraid to express the truth in his speech, nor did he attempt to pander to the Muslim masses. God bless the pope.

UPDATE: Iraq al-Qaida says pope, West are doomed (AP - 9/18/2006)

(Originally Posted: 9/15/2006 @ 4:41PM)

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Thursday, September 07, 2006


News: Pittsburgh's New 26-year-old Mayor

Mayor Bob O'Connor With the untimely passing of Mayor Bob O'Connor, 61, who succumbed to cancer on Friday, 9/1/2006, City Council President Luke Ravenstahl, 26, has been sworn in as Mayor Luke RavenstahlPittsburgh's new mayor. Although his term might last only until 2007, perhaps some good can come out of these unfortunate circumstances, with the injection of young-blood into the politics of the fair city of Pittsburgh, PA.

The View-Point sends out condolences to the O'Connor family, and best wishes to Mayor Ravenstahl.

(Originally Posted: 9/2/2006 @ 4:30PM)



Best of the Web: Beachwear for Muslim Women

HaĆ¾ema Covered Swimsuits from Turkey

(Originally Posted: 8/11/2006 @ 11:25AM)


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