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Monday, September 18, 2006


News/Commentary: Pope Benedict XVI vs. The Muslim Masses

Congratulations to Pope Benedict XVI for his rhetorical excellence that has incited the fury of millions of illiterate, uneducated, 9th-century throwback Muslims around the world, through the agency of the ex-mainstream media. The Pope, through the use of a simple and straightforward quote regarding the incompatibility of the nature of God and the use of violence, has made a highly relevant and insightful point that serves as material that Muslims, along with their ex-mainstream media partners, can twist and distort to further their own demonic objectives.

Let's first look at the relevant portion of what Pope Benedict XVI actually said on 9/12/2006:

Now let's contrast this to the response from a member of the Muslim community:

KEY POINT: As is exemplified in the above response from Salih Kapusuz, the Islamic community knows how to engage in an effective war of words, a.k.a. 'the PR battle', or what I like to call Rhetorical Warfare. What does this mean for anyone who perceives the threat and the danger posed by the Islamic community? We must learn to engage and defeat our enemy on the Rhetorical battlefront! But let's be clear on one point: We must NOT count on the ex-mainstream media to fight this battle. This is the obligation and responsibility of the millions of us who see the truth and who are not willing to stand by while the Islamo-facists cut our throats!

The bottom line is this: At the risk of sounding crude (which is not my intent)Pope Benedict XVI, as a celibate, 79-year-old man, has more cojones than any other major world political and/or religious leader. The pope was not afraid to express the truth in his speech, nor did he attempt to pander to the Muslim masses. God bless the pope.

UPDATE: Iraq al-Qaida says pope, West are doomed (AP - 9/18/2006)

(Originally Posted: 9/15/2006 @ 4:41PM)

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I read the entire speech the Pope gave in it's official English translation. It is basically a very learned and thoughtful discussion of the relationship of faith and reason, religion and science. The reaction of the Muslims form here there and everywhere is hysterical (in the sense of crazy). The Pope's own words indicate that the attribution of violence as a legitimate means of religious conversion is not necessarily shared by all Muslims. Where then, is the reason to be critical? The Al Qaida agenda explicitly includes death to the Pope. So they and their supporters jumped on this speech as an excuse to stir up the crowds. What a pathetic excuse for religion or civilization. The real policy question concerning Iraq is whether these people really give a damn about freedom. If not, we should ramp up alternative energy ASAP and let them pound sand, and each other.
I too read the entire translation and it is quite insigtful.. I do feel the quote was ill advised but the sentiment of your title is spot on... great post
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