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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Commentary: Enough is Enough! This Means War!

Enough is Enough! This Means War!

UK police: Latest bombers failed
"LONDON, England (CNN) -- Two weeks to the day after the July 7 London bombings, attackers tried -- and failed -- to set off explosive devices at three Tube stations and on a double-decker bus."

Enough is enough already.

The good news is that this group of Islamic terrorist-scum failed miserably and left potentially vital clues. The bad news is that these evil forces are very much alive and functioning, with no intentions of ending their homicidal ways.

What will it take to stop the terrorists? One thing is for sure, nice words and kind requests will do nothing to appease them and make them go away.

What will be the response from the so-called "Peaceful Muslims" to today's events? More BS -- sorry, they call it a 'fatwah' -- meaningless, empty words to put themselves "on record" as being opposed to such violence. Yah, right. Let's see some action.

Poverty drives young men to become terrorists? The bombings of two weeks ago showed us that these mad, homicidal maniacs are not just poor young kids from impoverished countries, and that seemingly 'regular guys' can turn sour. I'm confident we will see more confirmation of that fact as the details behind today's events unfold.


So long as people are too woried about stepping on toes than dying in a collapsing subway tunnel this will continue
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