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Sunday, July 31, 2005


Commentary: Failed Terrorist Bombings as 'Scare' Tactic

From his jail cell in Rome, Ethiopian refugee Osman Hussain, aka Hamdi Issac, claims that the failed terrorist bombings he participated in on 21 July were meant only to ‘scare’ and cause panic. According to him, the bombings were meant to protest the war in Iraq, and the explosive devices used were not powerful enough to kill any one, only to create panic and fright.

Point 1.) A bomb is a bomb is a bomb. If you merely want to frighten people, fireworks or phoned-in bomb threats would suffice. Why would anyone take the time and risk to manufacture explosives that are only meant to cause a scare? No, these devices were intended to kill.

Point 2.) Because some of the materials used in these bombs degraded, they effectively became ‘duds’. This raises an interesting observation: although the 9/11 attacks were spectacular in the sense of the horror, destruction and mayhem they created, we should keep in mind that probably the majority of these terrorist cells are fairly amateurish in their abilities. The reason that 9/11 happened is primarily because it was unexpected, and we “weren’t looking”. But now the whole world is on guard, and these bad actors have much more pressure on them. Hence the failed 21 July London bombings; under pressure of getting caught and not being sent off to their 77 virgins, these “Muslim warriors” (aka Devil’s handmaidens) perhaps cut a few corners. Nobody’s perfect.

So let’s keep the watchful eyes out and the pressure on. These Islamic Devils will be less likely and less capable of pulling off something spectacular when the heat is kept on them.


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