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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

[PA] State Senate OKs Sunday Beer Sales
"The bill would change current law, which limits purchases to two six-packs from a restaurant or tavern. Instead, the state's 1,300 beer distributors would have the option of paying $100 for an annual license and opening between noon and 5 p.m. on Sundays to sell cases."

This was the lead story today on all the local talk shows and news updates. One conservative / "Christian" viewpoint I heard expressed decried the evil of allowing the sale of beer cases on Sunday. What's the difference? Beer cases can already be bought Monday thru Saturday, and even on Sunday in the form of 2 six-packs.

From a open-market capitalist perspective, this new legislation makes sense because it evens levels the playing field by removing a pointless regulation that is unfairly biased against distributors (in favor of restaurant/tavern owners).

If a business wants to honor Sunday as a holy day, then that business should take it upon itself not to be open on Sundays. One notable example is Chick-Fil-A, which is closed on Sundays, even at its mall-locations, where arguably it could do quite a good bit of its business on a Sunday when malls are packed with weekend crowds. Using the force of law to keep businesses closed does nothing to truly honor Sunday as a day of rest. It is merely an imposition of the will of one group onto another group, through the force of law. How is this different from the Mosaic law and its "Pharisitical" followers who crucified Jesus Christ?

When I was a kid in the "AWESOME SEVENTIES" I would visit my aunts in Virginia. There they had what were called "blue light laws", holdover from Jeudeo-Christian beliefs that on sunday you coundn't buy certain things. Things like lipstick, "feminie napkins", greating cards and all other kinds of crazy stuff, and yes beer too. I was especial popular because they set up these fence gates to block the entire isle that stuff you couldn't was on. My little kiddie arms though could reach through the gates and grab stuff. Ahh... Fond memories of my first "criminal activities." As long as the cashier wasn't the manager you'd be good to go.
TAMPONS!!! Against the law to buy on sunday, yea that makes perfect sense. Anyway I digress.
Fast forward to 99 I moved to Va to work in DC. A few years later the repeal of the blue light laws from back in the day expired. You better belive there was a small, yet vocal, group running their yaps on tv about how good it would be to let the repeal stay expired, to return to the dark ages. The police came out and said they would refuse to enforce that law. In the end the people spoke and it was permantly repealed a few months later. Those people still exist, and there are alot of them out there. No slots in Maryland, gambling is illegal almost everywhere even if it is fair. They say that two consenting adults can do basicly whatever they want to do in the privacy of their home yet prostitution is illegal. I can't understand them, but they must be allowed to try, every US citzen has that right. A common belief structure dictates not all of your beliefs will be common and not all common will be yours. I guess this is America, do as I say don't do as I do; the great liberal Mantra. Anyhow, they can always try and you can always try. Tring is what made this country great. We just have to remain on constant vigil to prevent destruction by the hand of those who wish to force our freedom from us. Forcing people to do what you personally want them to do is what's ruining this country, but consensus is what can save us.
And by you I don't mean you alt173, I mean an idealized idelogically single enity 'YOU.'
This is also a digression:

I hope I don't start to get Tampon adds on my pages because this word/concept is now used at least 3 times.... Stupid Google AdSense...
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