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Monday, July 18, 2005


Commentary: What took you so long? "Muslims Condemn London Bombing"

What took you so long?

Muslims Condemn London Bombing
"Muslims worldwide have condemned the terrorist bombings in London that killed more than fifty people."

Is this 'Too Little, Too Late'?

I would expect that a truly sincere denunciation of the acts of their fellow Muslims would come a little sooner after the actual terrorist bombing. Why the delay?

Perhaps the individuals and groups quoted in this article want to be "on-record" as to what their stated opinion is.

But when will we see actions by these so-called mainstream, non-extremist Muslims to put and end to the terrorism and violence that is committed in the name of their Allah, and their religion?

If they truly feel that such terrorist acts are not in accordance with their Muslim faith tradition, why don't they stand up and defend their own religion? Why is it primarily the non-Muslim world that is committing the lives of its young men and women to the goal of the eradication of this evil scourge from the face of the earth?

Muslim leaders, if you truly mean what you say, stand up and take action!


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I noticed this phenomenon also: terrorists murder nearly 3000 people in New York, and American muslims condemn 'hate crimes' and anti-Islamic sentiment, with no mention of their indirect culpability.

Terrorists kill 56 in London, and the Islamic community condemns itself, issuing a fatwah against such acts within days.

Curious, that.
There's nothing to stand up for. It would be like Americans standing up for not having a King/Queen. There is no defense for it, no standing up, its just the way it is, and we're happy about it. Sure we could, in theory, modify the constitution some how, some way to squeeze one in. The same as muslims could modify the Qu'ran some how, some way to not be murderous dogs of war, but I think we all know neither of those things are going to happen any time soon.
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