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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Commentary: Nancy 'Evita' Pelosi in 2008?

Eva PeronNancy Pelosi Could Nancy Pelosi be the next Eva Perón?

Here's a novel idea for the Pelosi 2008 Presidential Campaign: 'Evita' Pelosi!

Whereas Evita Perón was "La Santa Peronista," Nancy Pelosi can be "La Santa Terrorista" (to secure that all-important al-Qaeda vote), or even "La Santa Mexicanos" to gain the support of the massive illegal immigrant voting block.

Now what about a theme song to appeal to the millions of entitlement-minded Democrat voters? With slight modifications, Sirs Rice and Lloyd Webber provide the solution:

(Originally Posted: 11/16/2006 @ 4:30PM)


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