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Friday, June 09, 2006


Commentary: Terrorism, Suicide & Demon-Possession

Terrorism, Suicide & Demon-Possession

The recent death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi led me to consideration between Terrorism, Suicide Bombings and Demon-Possession. Why would anyone want to commit suicide in the act of killing others? Wouldn't it be more practical to one's cause to remain alive (and able to kill more) as long as possible?

There is something intuitively wrong with the conception of suicide bombings. Certainly it is not a sound military strategy -- it is not valid as a key/core tactic of warfare. So what is it that seems positively inhuman about these acts?

Reflect on a short passage from the New Testament narrative account of Jesus: Mark 5:1-20. In short, Jesus casts a "Legion" of Demons out of a possessed man into a herd of pigs. Upon entering the pigs, the demon-possessed pigs rush into the sea and commit suicide.

Terrorism & Suicide. Demon-possession & Suicide. Terrorism & Demon-possession???

I am left to wonder whether the most heinous of terrorists and suicide bombers are not in fact demonic spirits in human flesh...


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