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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Commentary: Face of the "Religion of Peace"

Face of the "Religion of Peace"

"Palestinian militants from the Hamas movement march during a rally in the early celebrations for Israel's imminent pullout from Gaza ... in the southern Gaza Strip August 16, 2005. (Suhaib Salem/Reuters)"

While watching video of these "peaceful" young men my attention was drawn to the images of them waving their AK-47'S in the air and parading around with mortar launchers and RPGs in their bare hands, while black hoods covered their faces.

In contrast to this, I was reminded of the precision movements of an organized military drill team, making very precise and coordinated movements with their rifles while marching in lock-step.

The latter an example of controlled civility; the former a brutal image of savage instability and chaos.

Look very carefully at the pictures of the "men" in the image above: Can we still refer to them as human beings? Or have the choices they've made in their lives degenerated them into inhuman instruments of evil?

All men and women were created in the image of God, but how can we rectify the actions of these young men? Should we still think of them as 'human', or are they now, by virtue of their own choices, cold-blooded animals?

One thing is for sure: The "Religion of Peace" it is not. Rather, the "Religion of Fear, Hatred, and Oppression".


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