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Monday, June 27, 2005


Commentary: SUMMER = DRIVING = COP!


I want to question the logic of police officers who position themselves on busy stretches of highway during rush hour.

On one particular stretch of roadway in my city known as the Parkway West, Mr. Policeman likes to lurk on the far side of a bend with his window-mounted radar on full-blast. The only problem is that the side of the road he is watching is so congested with rush hour traffic at the time he is there that he would be lucky to catch anyone going over 30mph!

Further down on that same stretch of road, on the opposite side, there is another one of our friends who likes to proudly proclaim his presence, lights flashing in all their Red, White, and Blue glory. He positions himself at the top of a hill that is, again, heavily congested. The problem is that although most drivers are already going rather slow because of the traffic, when they crest the hill and see Mr. Bojangles sitting there, most driver's instinctively slam on the brakes, to the behest of the car(s) behind them.

The point here is that due to the fact that the reaction of most drivers is to slam on the ol' brakes whenever they see Mr. Policeman, whether they're speeding or not, Mr. Policeman's presence actually creates more danger than would his absence.

And who does he hope to catch anyways, in bumper-to-bumper traffic???


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